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Marriages In Rajasthan

Of course, in Rajasthan, marriage dates are set according to planetary considerations, and suspicious dates are usually between May - July and November - February. Should a visitor have the occasion to attend a wedding, it is a chance that should not be lightly discarded.

The wedding takes place at the bride's house to which the bridegroom comes accompanied with a large barat or procession. This happened even when the bride and groom are from separate towns, which is usually the case since the marriages are arranged. The groom rides to his bride's house astride a white mare, and in the regalia of a prince, complete with sword. While the marriage rituals are conducted in the house, the bridegroom's procession is entertained in style outside, with entertainment and dinner. The bride's family is responsible for the hospitality and to insure it is not lacking, the take great effort to look after their guests.

The giving away of the bride is a tearful occasion, but ton the evening before, at the bride's , there is usually a night long vigil enlivened by ghoomar dances. In the groom's house too, there are ghoomar dances both before and after the marriage ceremony. No winder ot seems that the celebrations will last forever.

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