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Meditation Centers In Rajasthan

Government Yogic Treatment Cum Research Centre
Rare because it is the only government-supported yoga centre in India, the institute was established in 1961. Even since, it has found yoga-based remedies for ailments such as asthma, diabetes. No medicines are used in the treatment, with yoga being the only method of finding relief from chronic problems. Naturopaths work in a fully-equipped laboratory, and treatment for its patients who reside on the premises is free, as is the board and lodging.

National Institute of Ayurveda
Established as an ayurvedic college in 1946 by the former rulers of Jaipur, it has since been upgraded, and its impressive complex on Amber Road houses thirteen departments of medicine and an attached hospital. It has a fine collection of medicinal plants, and its own pharmacy where herbal and vegetable drugs are manufactured.

SPG Kayakalp Centre
Located in Lakshmangarh in Shekhawati's Sikar district, this modern facility of traditional sciences aims to fill the gap in healing the human mind, body and spirit. With restoration rather than merely defensive cure its aim, the centre offers three and seven day rejuvenation packages. Facilities include mud therapy, colon therapy, herbal oil therapy, local steam therapy, spinal baths and the like. Visitors are also initiated in yoga and meditation. Along with modern communication facilities, the centre also offers a swimming pool, dairy, gymnasium and a pathological laboratory on its premises.

Nature Cure Centre
Colloquially called Prakritik Chikitsalaya, this nature cure institute has been a pioneer in the field since five decades. A health farm, it uses the five elements in its treatment with fasting, sun bathing, mud baths, wet sheet packs, steam baths, and water therapy to offer remedies for arthritis, acidity, asthma and other respiratory ailments, bronchitis, colitis, diabetes, heart problems, obesity, jaundica, and lumber spondylitis. Set in a garden compels, and with separate wards for men and women, it also has a juice centre, dairy farm, acupressure pathway and physiotherapy centre within its three acre premises.

Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham
Located outside Jaipur, this yoga and naturopathy centre is a modern complex where sadhaks (promotives) rather thana patients are provided hope in the treatment of very large number of diseases and disorders. No medication is offered, and with gentle exercises, clean living, and natural fools, cures are found to the debilitating ailments from which people suffer.

Rajasthan Swasthya Yoga Parishad
Yoga consists of breathing and physical exercises, and the proper manner in which these are performed can lead to amazing results in people, curing them of ailments and increasing the longevity of their lives. The organisation here is a training centre in yoga, and has as many as ten other centres in Jaipur alone, with more outside the city.

Vipassana Dhammathali Centre For Meditation
One of the branches of the institute in Maharashtra, this beautiful centre disburses training in the ancient technique of vipassana maditation as practiced two-and-a-half-thousand years ago by Gautam Buddha. The complex has a distinctive Buddhist look, and there is a central meditation hall for one-hundred-and-fifty people as well as one-hundred-and-sixty cells. Meditation courses at the complex last ten days for beginners, and longer ones of twenty, thirty and forty-five days duration for the more experienced. There are also refresher courses for old students of one, three and ten days.

Yoga Sadhana Ashram
A prominent yoga centre, started in 1969, the ashram nestles in a serene environment, and besides regular classes in the morning and evening, also has courses lasting three months to a year. Besides yoga, it also undertakes the yogic treatment of cardiac problems, psychic disorders, blood pressure complaints, and spondylitis.

Other Institutes In Jaipur
Besides these, there are a number of other centers in Jaipur that are associated with natural or alternative forms of medicine. These include the Todermal Homeopathic and Acupressure Chikitsalaya for acupressure and naturopathy; and the Yoga Acupressure Magnetic Chikitsa Paramarsh Kendra for acupressure healing.

Desert Healing
Other than in Jaipur, there are similar institutes spread all over Rajasthan, a few prominent ones of which are listed below.

Shri Mahavirji Sansthan
The township of Shri Mahavirji in Sawai Madhopur district boasts a Jain temple where the management committee runs a health service centre in an adjoining building with naturopaths attending to patients in peaceful wards. Known for its mud therapies, the centre also helps to seek remedies for diabetes, and disorders relating to the respiratory and digestive systems.

Other Centres In Rajasthan
Some of the other places where visitors in Rajasthan can seek health and fitness cures are the following: Yoga Sadhana Kendra in Sikar for treating polio; Parmahansa Yoga Sadhana Ashram in Sawai Madhopur for yoga; Nature Cure Centre for naturopathy in Alwar; Yoga and Nature Cure Centre in Churu's Ladnu village for naturopathy; Acupressure Health Care System in Jodhpur for acupressure and naturopathy; Prakritik Chikitsalaya in Kota for naturopathy; and Arogya Dham in Bharatpur for yoga and naturopathy.

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