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Desert On Horse Back

A more recent, and exciting, variation of the camel safari is the horse safari. The Rajputs were born to be horseback riders, and the tradition was strongly enforced in the medieval ages when the cavalry formed one of the most important flanks of the desert armies. Special horses were bred at the thikanas or aristocratic homes of the Thakurs who served their kings with armies of horsemen. The Marwari horse is an indigenous species, hardy, agile, and among the notables in world breeds. In addition, the Kathiawadi and Sindhi horses are also adept at traversing the desert countryside.


Horse safaris are usually conducted in the vicinity of Udaipur where the hilly terrain and forested countryside are ideal for taking to the trail. Depending on the size of the group, the pack of cavalry can move swiftly or at leisure, moving from the vicinity of one old fort to another. There is additional excitement in that the route you choose, and the heritage hotels you stay in, may have been those very ones where the ancient armies once rode and camped.

Horse safari routes can, of course, be diverse, but most will pass close to villages, ruined historical monuments, and temples. These are ideal places to halt for a bit of rest and relaxation, or lunch, and a quick snooze. Riders are advised to equip themselves with riding gear- the famous Jodhpuri breeches, hat, and boots. Depending on your capability to ride, the horses may trot or canter through the countryside. What matters most, however, is that each evening, you are assured of the comforts of former palaces and forts: no better, or more historic way of exploring Rajasthan is possible.

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